Planet G: Letter 7

Flame Diaries

     My training now complete I was back on my way to the road to Olmecca city but not without a new guest. Suchi had been looking for the descendants of the lost tribe and finally finding one one he was not so anxious to release his grip. With his ability we were able to quickly find the location of the nearest farmer’s market.  We would have to travel to the heart of Venezuela to Cuidad Bolivar.

Suchi and I traveled for many days through various means until we finally reached Cuidad. The light of the full moon illuminated our path into the city but a brighter light of orange and yellow danced in the distance. I originally thought it to be a bonfire but the screams of the people proved otherwise. Suchi and I approached with caution and saw men with flamethrowers torching empty plots of land. When the first gunshots were fired we decided to retreat but it was too late. We were already caught in the middle of a war zone.

We managed to navigate our way through the maze of chaos well enough until a flash grenade momentarily knocked us to the ground. My vision returned but my head was still pounding from the ringing in my ears. I looked for Suchi but couldn’t find him. A man in a black baseball cap saw me stumbling and guided me to a safe spot. When my hearing returned I learned that his name was Shuo.

The next couple of days Shuo and I looked out for each other while the fighting continued. I learned about his plight to raise money for his son who was being held captive in the local prison. My heart went out to him and I couldn’t help but share my story about Tutsi, the seeds, and my search for the farmer’s market. Shuo then revealed to me he had a surplus amount of money he’d been saving to free his son. It wasn’t enough to free him but was more than enough to barter information from the locals about the location of the farmer’s market.

Once inside the farmer’s market I would sell the seeds and have enough money to buy both medicine for Tutsi and freedom for Shou’s son. I accepted Shou’s strategy and the following day everything went as planned. We learned that the market was held in  abandoned mining cave. Shuo went in first to check it out while I walked around the corner to take a leak. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a brown monkey holding out a cup as people orderly donated coins. It was none other than Suchi.

I called out to him and caught him up on the situation. Shuo returned from the cave and rapidly waved for me to follow. Suchi immediately began to throw a fit and warned me not to follow him but I was too close now to play it safe. I followed Shou into the cave and showed the merchant the seeds. He carefully inspected them and gave me a backpack full of money. Near the entrance of the cave two men were arguing intensely then turned their gaze to our direction and began marching towards us.

I turned to Shou but he and the merchant had already flee’d. I began to follow them at a speedy pace. I had only advanced a few steps when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder followed by a rifle butt to the face. When I awoke I was chained to this chair. I know this story is hard to accept but it’s the truth. And after hearing it, if you still don’t believe me, I have no choice but to prove it to you.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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