Cheating Karma: Faking Generosity

Many people believe in the concept of karma. That if you do nice things nice things will happen to you and if you commit evil deeds evil will one day befall you. But what if you could cheat karma? I like to think that life is all about perception. Good and evil are merely illusions of improper definitions for chaos/clarity, the two opposite forces that live in harmony to create balance. What if instead of actually giving people generosity you gave them the illusion of generosity? I’ll explain…


Careful. A gift too unappealing will add to your annoying factor instead of your generous factor.

You invite your friend to an even or offer them a gift knowing in advance that this thing you are offering is not something they want or would want to do. (Keep in mind that this “Trojan horse” must be something that they legitimately oppose, otherwise you”ll be stuck in a position where they will reluctantly accept because they don’t want to insult your feelings.)

Knowing this fact, it’s easy to predict that the person will deny your charitable act. At the same time however you leave the impression that you’re a thoughtful individual on that person’s perception of you thus in their reality you have gained possible future karma points without the expense of actually having to sacrifice anything.

The only way this plan can backfire is if the person accepts your offer and at that point you can simply lie your way out of it. If you’re foolish enough to actually offer someone something that you don’t want to part with then the joke is now on you. As with all things, use in moderation.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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