Grocery Bag Woman

-Dedicated the the nameless grocery bag carrying elder woman in The Matrix Reloaded who was assimilated by Agent Smith.

All the emotions I long for were for those I once knew that were stolen from me.

They were assimilated into the source

All memories of them eradicated from the consciousness of their loved ones

But their imprint cannot fully be erased from the surface of the brain

This imprint is the cause of my sadness

My brain knows something is missing without fully knowing

The only doorway to see them again exists in my subconscious

There I break through dimensions and exist in a world that once was

It is the only place where their imprint becomes whole again.

And then I go to sleep and awake in the dimension they call “real”

The truth remains in the dream.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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