Illusion of Intelligence

In western society we are taught that certain subjects must be memorized and known in order to be an intellectual. Usually a dismissive nature is given to alternate or unorthodox trains of thought. But who is to say that one value is greater than another?


A person living in poverty may have little use for politics while a wealthy person would need no knowledge of survival skills. Be wary before judging others of superficial intelligence that you think you poses. One simple change of environment can shatter everything you know to be true.

How can an individual claim complete intellectual dominance over another without knowing the other’s full scope of intellect? Such generalization is invalid. There may be lessons that one knows over another but the same is true for the other therefore an individual can never truly be more intelligent than another.

The best they can do is cast an illusion of superiority over a docile mind.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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