Planet G: Letter 9


Wind Diaries

     There was only one airstrip in all of Cuidad and Dazheao was seen heading in that direction. Suchi and I joined Thiago’s resistance fighters and we sped to the air strip. Thiago knew that Dazheao would be protected by the local government once arriving at the airstrip so he called in all his favors from the local gangs. We all listened intently on the walkie as one of the gangs found Dazheao and chased him in a high speed pursuit. The sounds of snapping twigs, gunshots and then screeching rubber was heard followed finally with a crash and then silence.

We caught up to the scene soon and found a jeep parked on it’s side leaking fluids and a black van with its tires shot out not too far away. The bodies of the gangsters and the men in the van were bloodied and drained of life. Dazheao was no where to be found. Using his power, Suchi chirped with the birds and learned that Dazheao escaped during the gunfight clutching a black suitcase. The birds guided us overhead to the location of Dazheao and we followed.

When we caught up to him, it couldn’t have come a moment sooner because Dazheao was yards away from a small helicopter. The resistance fired but Dazheao’s friends aboard the copter returned the greeting. Everyone ran for cover as the shoot out intensified. Gripping the gun Thiago gave me before our departure, a sudden blood lust began to swell up inside of me. If Dazheao escaped my family was as good as dead.

I crouched low to the ground and advanced hastily, hiding behind every rock and tree that could shield me from the barrage of bullets. I think Thiago and Suchi both knew what I was up to because I immediately heard Thiago scream “cover him” and a heavy rain of gunfire came from ground level while all the monkeys in the trees began to fling excrement from above. The distraction was just enough for me to get closer and take my shot.

“Blam! Blamblam!” No good. The chopper began to turn it’s blades and was going airborne. Dazheao dashed to it and slung his free arm into the copter. His body and the briefcase dangled from above. I ran to the copter and felt the earth beneath me rise into the sky, elevating me high enough to latch on to Dazheao’s legs.

Dazheao screamed in agony as he fought against gravity to sustain both our body weight. The roaring of the chopper was too loud for the sound of our words to penetrate eardrums but we both knew the others intentions. He was an agent that would stop at nothing to complete his mission and I was a father who’d risk his life to protect his family. Which emotion would prevail, love or lust?

Our dangling bachata lasted for a while but Dazheaos grip was getting dangerously weak We were now hundreds of feet in the air. The type of elevation where you can see your house, and all the other houses of three towns contained in a single patch of land. Dazheao would have to choose soon, his life or his mission. he chose the former and released his grip on the briefcase.

I watched the black container fall solemnly through the sky and then glanced back up in horror. The hand that once held the briefcase was now holding a pistol. Fire and smoke burst through the barrel quickly filling my body with a paralyzing pain. My grip loosened to nonexistence and I felt the wind take me.

When you begin to stray trust the wind to guide your play,



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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