Shine On

What is that sound

Inside my crown

It whispers to me to be lesser than

When I know I am better than

Commands me to silence

When all I want is to yell

So I become defiant

I curse and I rebel

In the war against self

Dragging my soul through hell

The bout has lasted for years

A few wins and many tears

There is no gurantee

But I predict, this humble edict

When the voice delivers its critical blow

My soul golden will begin to glow

Pushing me past critical limitations

Eradicating the voice and all it’s lamentations

Now what?





Sky Jam Poetry

Poetry on a roof

Close to the sky

Home of the most high

The “barompapompom” of my drum

Tenderizes the atmosphere

The reflection of our souls

Travel a board our words

Past the stars, into the milky way

Creating the rhythmic pulse

That god needs to thrive

Earthlings are the honey makers

Keeping god alive.

11:49 on a Monday

At the epoch of age 25

I reflect on my relationship with my parents

And I’ve come to the realization

That I’ve taken my first steps toward salvation

In that

I have learned how to forgive them

For the seeds of inadequacy

They planted within me

It was when I let go of all their aspirations of me

That I was finally able to see

The me that I was always intended to be


I Am Awake. I Am Awake?

Have you ever had one of those days
Where the past and the present
Nothing seems real
Looking back
You try to make sense of it all
Try to legitimize the life you’ve led
And the people you’ve encountered
But even those closest to your heart
Their smiling faces fade behind a veil of fog
Is this my consciousness trying to tell me something
That maybe all of this is a lie
I want to probe deeper but as quickly as the suspicion began
It has faded
Leaving me alone to wonder
The realities of my memories
In this game they call life

Seed of the Tormented

Another night, the sickness returns
So much it hurts so much it burns
In the pit of my belly it is born
Slithering up inside of me
The toxic vines of misery
Constricting my lungs
It’s harder to breathe
The vines continue north
Capturing my heart
Squeezing it dry of love juice
This is one of those days
Unlike many others
That I beg upon the reaper
“Please take the pain away”
Embarrassment from defeat
It’s all my pride has left to cling
This keeps me alive for now
But not forever
And the vines continue to engulf me
Until there is nothing left

The L-Word

Love is a four letter word and if used recklessly can lead to hate. Love used to be a word reserved for family, partners, and people you’d give your life to protect. Now love is carelessly paraded through the streets and given freely as to appease the masses.

And in this way it does but it also cheapens the emotion behind the word of what love once was. Love loses it’s power to heal and becomes just another plaything akin to an old toy.



Others are too naive to see through the common courtesy that love has now become and fool themselves by falling for it’s deception. In the end they emerge from the situation confused and hurt as to why their pal who loved them so much was so quick to end their friendship after a moments disaggreance.

Before you say I love you think about it, do you really love this person? Maybe the word you really want to use is appreciate, value, enjoy, etc. Because if you truly love a person as you claim you’d want to be careful as to not mislead their naive emotions, yes?


I know what you’re thinking but STOP. First ask yourself, do I really love him. Well, do ya bro?