Planet G: Letter 10

Reunion Diary

They say my father was a terrorist. They say he fled the state with weapons of organic constitution. They say he allied with farmers and gangsters and slept with the beasts. They said it was his fault that my family was taken away and he was the reason I was locked away in the asylum.

For all their “they says” they hate it the most when I remind them of one fact. When I do this they are always without comment. Whenever I say how my father cured me of cancer.

This is why they kept me locked up. They were afraid of what was in my blood. They would like to kill me but they say it would be unconstitutional. What they mean is they need me alive. I’ve learned that what they say and what they mean is not hard to distinguish if you know the rules of their game.

I weaved through their lies and reversed it back on them. They thought I was timid, weak, like a mouse. Really I was stealthy and patient like a snake. And when my opportunity came, I struck. I no longer know what they say but I have an idea.

I bet the curse themselves while they wait in the food lines alongside the beggers they despised so much. I bet they say curses to Tutsi the girl who got away. Now I laugh at the things they used to say and let my liberator Suchi lead the way.



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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