The Filthy Animals Invade New York


Only one day in New York and this city may become the death of me. The adventure began modestly with only Orangubison and myself but quickly expanded to include T, Ladybug, and Pheebz. The 17 hour road trip from Atlanta to New York was tiresome but without argument and the only peril being when my debit card, which had all our travel money, decided to stop working and I had to charge all the fees on a mysterious credit card I had in my wallet for  a few years. I assumed that once we made it that everything would just flow for the better but it seemed as the Fates wanted this trip not to be an Action Adventure blockbuster as I had intended but a Dark Comedy.


My itchy throat which began to harass me the day before we left (gee what a coincidence) had grown over the road trip and now was a full on illness. Regardless, the first initial moments were amazing. The vibe of the atmosphere reminded me of old days of Atlanta’s occupation; like a large, extended family. Even the scent of it smelled like 60 Walton.

After resting, we journeyed to _____ park on the subway and were reunited with other OA alumnai, rocked out to a free concert of Rebel Diaz and Tom Morello, and planed for the next day of action. When we returned back to camp my brain was split with staying or returning to Georgia and I only had one day to make the decision. Whatever I decided I still had a responsibility to my team to make sure they made it back to Atlanta safely by acquiring the rest of the travel money, an attempt that was proving to be more elusive than I thought would be.

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Apparently my debit card had been blacked out earlier and  while I was successful in getting it reactivated, my pin number still wasn’t working. The current day being Sunday, I would have to wait until tomorrow to contact the bank and seek a resolution.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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