The Filthy Animals Invade New York 2: The Clash


Enter the 17th, the eve of my birthday in the city of the world and I was broke, ill (not in the hiphop way) and had an uphill battle ahead of me if I decided to stay. I made contact with the bank. They were unable to give me my pin but they mailed it to my house and gave me the address to a credit union where I could withdraw my money. With T as my navigator, I dragged my sick ass out of bed and we boarded the subway to try and claim victory over New York which so far had us locked into submission.

We found the credit union soon enough, ironically it was located in the very same area we were protesting yesterday.  I was able to withdraw the remaining $70 from the travel fund and money from my own savings account ensuring that our group had enough cash to make it back to Atlanta safely. Stepping back out into the street however, I knew the ordeals over yet. It was like my spider sense was being activated, warning me of some unknown imminent threat, and just as I thought it, my phone rang.

Ladybug was on the other end explaining to me that they lost Orangubision and Pheebz was ready to go immediately.  Pheebz had been a liability the entire trip and this was the last straw for some of us. My anger erupted like a dormant volcano as I explained to Ladybug exactly what a piece of shit person I thought “she who shall not be named” was for once again tying to dictate the outcome of the trip and threatening everyone else in the process just because she wasn’t getting her way (fucking suburbanites). T and I were forced to go back to the warehouse to make sure our stuff was safely in order and bid farewell to Ana and Softy who rode back in the car. As for T and I, we had no intentions of making the journey back to Atlanta with a crazy person behind the wheel.

And my ultimate premonition was fulfilled; New York had fucking captured us. The marbles were out of the bag and all the chips were on the table. This was now truly do or die. Later we went back to Zuccotti park, hung out with the fellas then retired for the day back at the warehouse.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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