The Filthy Animals Invade New York 4


Spent the entire day traveling around Brooklyn or Manhatten, not even sure really, trying to acquire my EBT card so I could do useful things like eat food and eat food. Later in the night partied with T and Jason at a spot that served free hot dogs with every purchase of a pitcher of beer. The magic drunk moment of this night was when Micheal Jackson’s Beat it was played over the juke box. I said to our group something along the lines of “someone needs to start a knife fight right now.” T denounced my idea and as soon as he did the bartender himself comes up to me, from across the room mind you, with a plastic knife in his left hand and extends his right to me. I eagerly grasped his hand within my own and used my thumb in my free hand as a makeshift knife and together we payed homage to one of the greatest if not greatest entertainers of all time.

After that encounter  (and the others in the past leading up to it) T admitted that I had magical abilities and I had to agree with him.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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