The Filthy Animals Invade New York 5


Awakening to the uncomfortable need to piss,  it being  a Sunday, the library was closed so I headed to the ferry and had the daily breakfast special of 2 pretzels for one dollar; but not before the cashier inspected my funky 20 dollar bill for a full 15 minutes.  Belly full of salt and bread I rode the ferry into town and stopped by the Native American museum. I couldn’t have landed in a better place. Not only did I get to gorge my brain  on native facts but there was also respect thrown to the African Native American community, something that’s not really recognized in mainstream culture and when it is it’s mostly in jest.

I stayed in the museum until closing time and went back to Staten Island to charge my phone at the local Taco Bell. By now I had regarded this particular Taco bell to be the shitiest Taco Bell in the world. They never had anything they were supposed to, whether it be napkins,  sauce, correct change, customer service, there’s a;ways a hiccup. And with any joint in the hood there are always irate customers venting their frustrations at the staff.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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