Tekahionwake Remixed & Remembered

Oh why do you people force upon me the surname of Seay? Do you think you help me by forcing me to represent false blood? To cut off any link to my ancestor’s glorious past? I am not of European descent. Who I was, who I am, and who ever I may come to be I devote to the restoration of the memory of my scattered people, wherever they might be. Forget that my ancestors were forced upon the surname of Seay, but remember always that I was Cai Otee, the long lost African who forgot his tongue, and humbly aspired to educate the world of his people, who possess the strongest and most forgiving souls I have ever seen.

-Dedicated to Tekahionwake. “The Mohawk that humbly aspired to be the saga singer of her people, the bard of the noblest folk the world has ever seen, the sad historian of her own race.”


2 responses to “Tekahionwake Remixed & Remembered

Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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