Wa-Ya’s Yip

This happened when Wa-Ya was still a pup
mischievous and deviant, running ever a muck
Wa-Ya sang to Sun and Moon

enticing them to come ever closer
But Sun and Moon came too close
and the two eclipsed
Wa-Ya was so amused, he laughed, he yipped
And from all times since then
Whenever Sun and Moon eclipsed
You could be sure to blame Wa-Ya
And his mischievous yip    


Its days like these
My spirit gets radical, so I feed
Lessons of theft and genocide
Victims of capitalism, I grieve
Our bellies so full of mislead
We have little choice
We must lead the charge
Kindling the burning embers
That lay dormant but charged
Till the embers spark and crackle
They speak to us as they rise
Individual specks of ember
Now united, full, and raging
Widely melting the streets
Engulfing the empire minus the discreet
For the damned, there is no retreat
The fire only ceases
When the thermometer reads 360
And all the filthy of the cities forever gone and crispy
Its days like these that lift me higher
Until the day, finally, when I am on fire

SOA Watch from a Rookie’s Perspective

Friday, 11-16-12

Departing from Atlanta at around 5pm, the Grizzly, the Stork and I boarded the car and headed south to Fort Benning, Georgia. Along the way we were all hit by road trip fatigue but managed to pull it together and make it to our destination. The Grizzly ran off to teach his lecture while Stork and I browsed around the convention center, eventually separating. I quickly befriended an older man named Rick who was a SOA Watch vet. He educated me on some of the back story with SOA Watch and his opinion as to why the numbers of protesters had dwindled due to certain disagreements. Afterwards  at the conclusion of the convention, Grizzly, Stork and I were joined by Doe and we retired to the hotel for the night.

Saturday, 11-17-12

After a marathon of uncomfortable sleep, due to a suspect can of cream soda, I anxiously hopped out of bed and to the dinning area for breakfast. I met many interesting people there who all had varying degrees of history with the SOA Watch. We held interesting conversations but most notable was that with Hannah and her Grandmother Moreen. The three of us discussed the different outlook that the present generation has towards college in that we see it as no longer a choice but an unpleasant requirement to succeeded in life while Moreen’s generation looked at college not as a requirement but a privilege. With breakfast scrambled in the pit of my stomach, the gang and I regrouped and went to the site of  the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) formally known as the School of Americas.

After listening to many speakers and those directly affected by WHINSEC’s terrorism, I helped the puppitistas carry the giant conquistador boat in the annual parade. While hoisting this behemoth down the street, I befriended three cool dudes in the hull with me named Sam, Gus and Tray, you know, doin what we do, keepin the water tight <_<.

Anyway, hours later we headed to the convention center and I along with many others witnessed as Rebel Diaz sniffed out a group of undercover cops. Once exposed the group was pubically shamed via the power of the continuous protest song until they drifted away. The concert started shortly after and every performance was awe inspiring, energetic, and spiritual uplifting. As I went to bed that night, the revolutionary spirit was my blanket.

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Sunday 11-18-12

I woke up energized and revolutionized by the energy given to me at the concert last night. After breakfast, attended the funeral procession for all those murdered by the students of WHINSEC. After the march of the crosses, we went to the gates of Fort Benning to decorate them with the names of all those no longer with us. Then, a man dressed in mourning clown garb whose name I was told is Robert Norman Chantal, climbed the fence and reflected for a while before eventually crossing over. I had mixed feelings about his sacrifice. On one hand I’m always happy to support a comrade initiating a revolutionary action but when there are thousands of people behind that person then it shouldn’t be left up to a single individual committing the action but the majority.

This was my dilemma with the SOA Watch as a whole. From the veterans that I talked to who had participated for years, I learned of SOA Watch in it’s prime when it’s fangs were still sharp but now it is my opinion that those fangs have become dull with age and petty disagreement. I say this not out of negativity but out of deep compassion for what the SOA Watch stands for. I met many amazing people and had so many positive experiences but this is not a situation where I want to say “see ya again next year!” I don’t want there to be a next year. I want WHINSEC to be closed immediately and indefinitely. And I hate to be a person that gives critique without offering a substantial alternative to the problem but at this moment I have but only one solution, ESCALATION.

I also want to challenge the youth and my peers that may be reading this. I was displeased to see us so greatly misrepresented. If we want to see real change in America and the world we have to step up. Our elders who are in the struggle have done their part now it’s time for us to do ours. Escalation isn’t just about dramatic feats of heroism. Let’s escalate to the point where we are telling all our peers about the injustices happening not only around the world but in our own backyards. Let’s organize and form our own communities of dope ass individuals down for the struggle. And most importantly, let’s stop talking/complaining about the shit we wanna  see changed and simply rise up and change them.

Sometimes I feel like…

Running away forever

to live in isolation

When your consciousness is awakened to this tyranistic terror

nothing ever looks as it once was

I see now that i cannot exist

in this game of

“Get a job, work monkey, work the fucking hardest!!!”

only to end up with useless trinkets

there is no place for me here

In a world full of empty silhouettes, darker than VHS cassettes

Regret becomes your life’s titled vignette

like I feel Sometimes…

Stephen Kings: The Shyning

Most days i live a happy life

Others im not so lucky

Sometimes i get the illness, the woogies, the yuckies

See i suffer from the Shyning

It twists my thoughts and theifs my voice

I am compelled to obey i really have no choice

I dream of a day when i”ll be free of the Shynings awkward curse

I run really fast

I try to escape it

But I cant run forever I know i must face it

I have no clue which weapon to use

Maybe acceptance and truth

Will keep it aloof

I’ll try anything, SOMETHING has to work

I refuse to live under a bridge, the Shynings perpetual orc

Hierarchy Creates Tyranny

From the grandest of nations
To the smallest of groups
I’ve seen it happen time and time again
Give a man power and watch him spin
First he thinks his mission just
His campaign noble and without musk
He’s the only one that can, only by his command
This is but the first sip of poison
That alters the mind, more effective with time
Until he forgets the place from whence he came
Even more sad
Are the moguls of the lower caste
Unlike their commanders at the top
They are not paid in riches, rewarded only with scraps
These men stand alongside their brothers
Equally they are poor
Their only separation, a shiny badge
They are told the badge makes them more
They are told the badge gives them power
But this is a lie
The origin of their power
Is from their own people they beat
It is the weak wills of the victims
That create the illusion of supremacy
Which empowers the badge holders, giving them legitimacy
And these badge men, how soon they forget
Their fathers and mothers of who they now whip
And ever most tragic
On a 4th story floor
Liaisons are crafted to herd all the children
They are paid no riches are handed no badges
But are told to govern
Oh, what madness this amasses
Even in a dwelling of misfortune and defame
You’d think there’d be unity
But no, only mind games
Everyday a new quote
A new sermon to master
Preaching without practice
My, my, just like a pastor
For all the children and subjects under the throne
When you’re given badges or subjects to own
Back slowly away and say goodbye
Because the people are hungry and without glee
Just ask the head of this bourgeoisie