Monkey Bars

This country is a lot like that kid in recess, you know, the one who constantly changed the rules to his favor whenever he was losing or when some other kid began to get a leg up. You’d try to shoot him with your laser beams but he’d have a force field. You’d hack him with your lightning sword but surprise surprise, his hand-knitted x-mas sweater repelled all melee damage.

Yeah this kid was always fucking up the game for everyone and the only solution we had was to ignore him or forcibly remove him from the game. Surprisingly, we did neither. We just let this kid continue mucking the game up with his asshole poly tricks. It’s weird because we defiantly outnumbered this kid 99 to 1 and we definitely were all united under the common interest that this sweater wearing maniac had to go.

I guess our common mistake is that we didn’t express ourselves with each other more – we didn’t organize effectively. I mean we all roughly knew that we wanted this kid gone but we didn’t take the necessary steps to plan and then execute that plan. I wonder how greater recess would’ve been had we had the courage to do what was necessary for the betterment of ourselves and all the kids of the playground. As for the whereabouts of the sweater kid, no one really knows. I heard he moved up north to the capital, changed his name to Thesz Tate (the “z” is silent). He’s probably outgrown his playground antics, I mean, a person can’t remain that greedy forever, right?


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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