Hierarchy Creates Tyranny

From the grandest of nations
To the smallest of groups
I’ve seen it happen time and time again
Give a man power and watch him spin
First he thinks his mission just
His campaign noble and without musk
He’s the only one that can, only by his command
This is but the first sip of poison
That alters the mind, more effective with time
Until he forgets the place from whence he came
Even more sad
Are the moguls of the lower caste
Unlike their commanders at the top
They are not paid in riches, rewarded only with scraps
These men stand alongside their brothers
Equally they are poor
Their only separation, a shiny badge
They are told the badge makes them more
They are told the badge gives them power
But this is a lie
The origin of their power
Is from their own people they beat
It is the weak wills of the victims
That create the illusion of supremacy
Which empowers the badge holders, giving them legitimacy
And these badge men, how soon they forget
Their fathers and mothers of who they now whip
And ever most tragic
On a 4th story floor
Liaisons are crafted to herd all the children
They are paid no riches are handed no badges
But are told to govern
Oh, what madness this amasses
Even in a dwelling of misfortune and defame
You’d think there’d be unity
But no, only mind games
Everyday a new quote
A new sermon to master
Preaching without practice
My, my, just like a pastor
For all the children and subjects under the throne
When you’re given badges or subjects to own
Back slowly away and say goodbye
Because the people are hungry and without glee
Just ask the head of this bourgeoisie

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Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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