Once upon a time ago the Earth was full of dinosaurs
The aluminum wings of the Thunderbirds ripped open the skies
their tail feathers charred the troposphere creating thunder
Giant, yellow, CATerpillars plowed the land in droves
And metal Metro Snakes feasted on mammals as they darted through underground tunnels
56k miles high in the sky,
Geostationary Spiders spun internetworks of web across the globe.
And then one day, as quick as they appeared, they were gone
No one knows what happened to the dinosaurs
Some say a pointed arrow full of stars pierced the Earth leaving it cold and barren
Others say the infinity of space swallowed them up.
Even now, some still pray to them
Bending to their knees, antenna tilted to the breeze,
absorbing bytes floating stationary, imprisoned within the Cloud



Why u dress so whack?
Why ur skin so black?
Why u talk like dat?
U can try to assimilate, it’ll never be enuff
1 judgment always follows another
Critics pressure others to submit to their will
Bitter cuz their dreams remain unfulfilled
Some sink deeper into themselves
Inside this void the sunlight avoids
And nothing seems to matter
But I refuse to give in
Becuz roses still grow from concrete

Food & Service

Taking my seat at the diner >The waitress approaches and I feel immediate discomfort >Not by any fault of her own >No-her employers are to blame >She makes shitty wages too low to live comfortably >Her only saving grace, gratitude from strangers in the form of tips

And also, the act of her answering my every whim angers me >When she asks what I want to eat, I want to ask if she is hungry >When she serves me food I want to invite her to sit beside me and partake >When she cleans up my mess, I want to grab the sponge and take responsibility >But these acts of empathy are forbidden by her employers >If she accepts she risks losing her job >A clever trap designed to keep our two castes from fully interacting >So to combat this I begin to interact.

The Perception of Truth

In my opinion at this moment in life, there are two forms of truth, universal and personal. An example of universal truth would be the seasons. The seasons change every year and have done so in repetition for years, so much in fact that the earthlings that live on this planet have been able to accurately predict the pattern and adjust accordingly.

An example of personal truth would be like the example we used in class today with the sky being blue. As human beings, the majority of our race sees the sky as being the hue blue and because of the majority vote this is the accepted facts among humans. But if you are a member of this race and have a mutation (color blindness) your perception of the sky would be a different color than the established version. So technically, for the mutated individual, it is a fact that the sky is not blue but rather what color they see.

But even universal laws can be false. If the sun died or if the moon no longer existed, Earth would no longer have seasons and if we did they would be radically different from what they currently are today in the present.

It seems that the only real undisputed, infallible, truth is the truth of change.

***It also seems that the view we were going behind in class with the “fact” of the sky being blue was one based behind popular majority. But if we are going by popular majority then wouldn’t insects be the ones whose perception we’d have to base our own truth after since they outnumber us a great deal? Probably not because that would just over-complicate things and I guess this question was working under the assumption that we were playing by human rules.

Pebbles in a Stream

Wading through the stream of people I saw her /I stared directly into her eyes and my “hey!” jolted her to life /We drifted outside the stream like two pebbles and became transfixed as it flowed past us /Our moment suspended in time ended as abruptly as it began /And though our bodies flowed into opposite rivers /My mind was damned with one tiny regret, “damn, I shouldve hugged her”

just surf

There was a time when I lived on arid land
Then a wave appeared  
Without plan I ran into the waters and tried to surf
For a time I did
But eventually the wave submerged me
I didn’t panic-I let go-Floated under its waters
After a time the wave washed me back a shore
I woke up to moist clothes with a taste of sand in my mouth
Asking myself if it was just a dream
Then I looked down and saw flippers where my feet used to be
It was real and I had changed

How Comeback Kid Combats

Sometimes the sky falls /and standing behind the pulpit /Hidden in the glare of the sun /Figures claim to be holy /And lead those into deception /Whose legs are too paralyzed to search for truth /We were given swords and were told to slay the wicked but our blades were reversed with fallacy /We were only slaying ourselves /That was a long time ago /Battle wounds heal but the scars are still visible /And when u see them u are instantly reminded /But instead /I remind myself of how life oughtta be /With stories of far away lands /To the point that I poison realistic revolutionary theory with idealistic childhood fantasy /I’m not a ninja /And these gung-fu skillz are faux /But my words and my intentions and the people I feel are real /This balance of bullshit and reality fuels the ghost in the shell /Deceiving myself through the hard knocks /So I don’t choke on the thickness of reality