How Comeback Kid Combats

Sometimes the sky falls /and standing behind the pulpit /Hidden in the glare of the sun /Figures claim to be holy /And lead those into deception /Whose legs are too paralyzed to search for truth /We were given swords and were told to slay the wicked but our blades were reversed with fallacy /We were only slaying ourselves /That was a long time ago /Battle wounds heal but the scars are still visible /And when u see them u are instantly reminded /But instead /I remind myself of how life oughtta be /With stories of far away lands /To the point that I poison realistic revolutionary theory with idealistic childhood fantasy /I’m not a ninja /And these gung-fu skillz are faux /But my words and my intentions and the people I feel are real /This balance of bullshit and reality fuels the ghost in the shell /Deceiving myself through the hard knocks /So I don’t choke on the thickness of reality


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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