The Perception of Truth

In my opinion at this moment in life, there are two forms of truth, universal and personal. An example of universal truth would be the seasons. The seasons change every year and have done so in repetition for years, so much in fact that the earthlings that live on this planet have been able to accurately predict the pattern and adjust accordingly.

An example of personal truth would be like the example we used in class today with the sky being blue. As human beings, the majority of our race sees the sky as being the hue blue and because of the majority vote this is the accepted facts among humans. But if you are a member of this race and have a mutation (color blindness) your perception of the sky would be a different color than the established version. So technically, for the mutated individual, it is a fact that the sky is not blue but rather what color they see.

But even universal laws can be false. If the sun died or if the moon no longer existed, Earth would no longer have seasons and if we did they would be radically different from what they currently are today in the present.

It seems that the only real undisputed, infallible, truth is the truth of change.

***It also seems that the view we were going behind in class with the “fact” of the sky being blue was one based behind popular majority. But if we are going by popular majority then wouldn’t insects be the ones whose perception we’d have to base our own truth after since they outnumber us a great deal? Probably not because that would just over-complicate things and I guess this question was working under the assumption that we were playing by human rules.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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