Food & Service

Taking my seat at the diner >The waitress approaches and I feel immediate discomfort >Not by any fault of her own >No-her employers are to blame >She makes shitty wages too low to live comfortably >Her only saving grace, gratitude from strangers in the form of tips

And also, the act of her answering my every whim angers me >When she asks what I want to eat, I want to ask if she is hungry >When she serves me food I want to invite her to sit beside me and partake >When she cleans up my mess, I want to grab the sponge and take responsibility >But these acts of empathy are forbidden by her employers >If she accepts she risks losing her job >A clever trap designed to keep our two castes from fully interacting >So to combat this I begin to interact.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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