Once upon a time ago the Earth was full of dinosaurs
The aluminum wings of the Thunderbirds ripped open the skies
their tail feathers charred the troposphere creating thunder
Giant, yellow, CATerpillars plowed the land in droves
And metal Metro Snakes feasted on mammals as they darted through underground tunnels
56k miles high in the sky,
Geostationary Spiders spun internetworks of web across the globe.
And then one day, as quick as they appeared, they were gone
No one knows what happened to the dinosaurs
Some say a pointed arrow full of stars pierced the Earth leaving it cold and barren
Others say the infinity of space swallowed them up.
Even now, some still pray to them
Bending to their knees, antenna tilted to the breeze,
absorbing bytes floating stationary, imprisoned within the Cloud


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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