Ice Cream Fiends

I find it funny that these so called people
who claim to be conscious
that I admit, on most days, am forced to interact with
find me so interesting
I get so many compliments
about how awesome my skin tone looks
when contrasted upon yours
And how you wish you had hair like mine
And that’s cool, cuz shit, it’s only the truth
But it’s so very transparent to me
that its not genuine affection you feel
rather, I just happen to be your ethnic flavor of the month

How convenient it must be to shop in this Baskin Robbins
that is America
whose conquerors just so love to bask in their robbin
of culture and swag

How convenient it must be
to be able to choose from all the wonderful flavors
of mocha, chocolate, caramel, and butter pecan
displayed behind glass cases
It must be awesome to come in with your tiny plastic spoon
which is the epitome and exact mathematical length
of the respect/intelligence you seem to have for me

How convenient it must be
to scoop all the free samples your greedy mouth can swallow
Most days I have the patience to tolerate you
To smile calmly and reverse my blade
the one that’s sheathed within my mouth
on it’s blunt edge
But a scoop can only take so much heat
before it begins to melt
And you, mulfucka, are giving me the bannana splits

For all the Ben and Jerry’s out there
that can relate to this cold stone
Take some advice from a worn down bucket of dark chocolate
with the red sprinkles
whose been scooped so much my plastic is beginning to show
When you see the silver spoon ready to plunge into you
Don’t get all soft and creamy
Harden the fuck up
So it can’t penetrate into your chewy, bubblegum center


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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