Notes From the Other Side

a) I see the electric spark in the sky
When i breathe it is in rhythm with nature
I try very hard to manage the chaos of maturity
that comes with ascension
I see time flutter in ripples
as if the sky was a pool of water
I couldve ascended but i looked back
And saw my people were suffering
so i skipped transcendance
And became flesh again
-A. Mortality

b) We were all seperate pieces of a puzzle
All sharing the same experience
Just processing it a little differently

c) I looked to Luna
And her light spoke to me
I realized
I dont understand what Io am supposed to be doing
I feel like shit when I think of leaving people behind
I dont want to leave anyone behind
I just want balance and understanding

d) I found a pen but forgot what I was trying to say.
-Analogy about life

e) I’m alone and I’m clawing
My way out of a hole
And I dont understand
But I fight and I claw
But I don’t understand
And I question, life, love…everything
But I don’t understand
And the only thing I understand
is that I don’t understand

f) The same people
Who call me brother at the day
Call me nigger by the night


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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