*DOUBLE FEATURE* Hope the Musical & Success: Daughter of Hope

When I was a kid we didnt have
the in-ter-net….
Makes ya feel kinda ancient
Like those crazy children
who tamed fire
or the woman
diligent enough to sculpt the wheel
must have felt
during the eve
of their cultural revolutions
Keepin it all in perspective makes me
optimistic for the future
of humanity
It’s not the cool thing
or even on an average day
but my perception has 9 filters
and its currently locked
on hope
what can you do
but try


And when your FAVORITE grocer, is located in a COLD, back alley…on the corner of INTELLECTUALLY ARMED & STRUGGLE. And the manager’s special is ALWAYS flat bread and mice…On SOONDAY, when STEAK and POTATOES are served on a ROTATING disk…You get your knife, you get your fork and YOU TAKE IT. You sop up ALL the juice, and lick EVERY finger, so that, in the interior of your belly, flat bred and mice……NEVER EXISTED. And the only thought on the minds of the people….as slumber collects in the CREVICES of their eyes, is the satisfaction….of a meal…spiced…..with SUCCESS.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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