And you ask me…

It was a time in history

So long ago

Yet familiar to me

When folks of brown skin

And kinky hair

Waged war with men so devious

They came to be called devils

In this time, of misery and pain

Churches being bombed

Children targeted and molested

A bull named Conner

Unleashed dogs on women and men

Dressed in their sunday best

And you ask me if i believe in violence


A war was waged and for a time

We were led by a non-violent King

But he too bit the bullet

His fallacious mistake

Assuming his enemy had a conscience

Students of history know

The united states government has none

And you ask me if i believe in violence


And like Kwame

I too am from a younger generation

And we are not as patient

And we are not as merciful

And they slaughtered our panthers
They snuffed our AIM

Bleached our brown berets

And you ask me…

If i believe in violence


2 responses to “And you ask me…

  1. When you are raised in violence and war. You become part of war. I went to Asia and Africa. Kids had eyes of old war veterans at 8 year old. We brought food, water and medicine teams. We helped for a moment. Countries like the USA can only create change by violence. A eye for a eye world we will all be dead. One nuclear weapon had the power of a 1000 atomic bombs that was dropped on Hiroshima. If we keep fighting. The Mad Max world is coming for us ASAP.

    • I agree, the USA is def threat and the main reason why the world is in so much peril. I feel the only way to change this is to put them out of power. And you know how rich people love to step away from their money lol. So of course in order for this to happen fists are gonna have to fly.

Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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