Our brains are like radio frequencies. Each has it’s own unique sound. Most days I synch well with other stations but sometimes my receiver is blocked and I’m unable to clearly pick up the other person’s station. I can hear the beat but the lyrics become muddled.


I am what eye say i am

It’s my comedy, the thing that you learn to acquire to defend yourself against the hard knocks and in turn allows me to feel empathy for the pain of others is what motivates me to aspire to revolutionary actions. But I am not a revolutionary. I’ve always been at heart a comedian.

Meteor Shower

Not just his will

Not just his body

the image of the black male is still being criminalized

the will of the black male is still being lynched

by laws designed to shackle their shine

by telecommunications designed to retard the mind

and contain them within boxes

and these boxes have bars

and the bars are made from too much doubt


The black woman always too often misunderstood

by everyone it seems

their wisdom unplugged from the matrix

making us mis-educated;

eventually destining us to be

blunted on reality

and it’s falsies

But the faculties of tranzlator crews

study the legacies

of black magic woman

yearning to refugee from capfatalistic society

-dedicated from he to she(‘s) who struggle(s)


The Rainbow of Addiction

I still remember my first bag
The turquoise blue captured my sight
And the edges were frayed…
I sampled each pill separately
Appreciating eachs unique effect
But I soon learned
The best desired effect
Was tossin back a handful
Parts of my body decayed
And I cared….
But not enough to stop
Every coin I ever got
I donated right back to the habit
And when my family cut me off
I went into business for myself
Wasn’t long before I got caught
And took that long walk
They took dimes, nickels,
Every bag I had
A complex addiction
That all began with a single bag
Of skittles