Have You Ever Killed It?

Confess! Confess!! / I must confess! / You see I planned it / Planned it all from the begining / But it wasn’t my fault / See I was under great distress / See It challenged me first! / It threatened my livelihood / It even told me the EXACT month, the EXACT day, and EXACT hour till the very minute it would strike me / So you see / To me / i was only acting in self defense / But my psyche / (s)he doesn’t seem to agree /Which is why i’m here / To confess my crime / You see / Yesterday / During what some might call the dawn of Summer/ I ended it’s life / Oh…I ended it well / You can lock my body up inside a cell / and when i die surely my soul will migrate to hell / But it was worth it you see / And I have no regrets / And so thus I confess / Yesterday at 4:35pm / I committed per-meditated murder on my test / Lock me up / Throw away the key, I care not! / Because no test will ever threaten the sanctity / Of what my future should be



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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