I Reminince I Reminice

Checkin out at the CVS

On Peachtree & Pine street


To one summer ago

When i shopped at Walgreens for dinner

(cashews and water melon cubes)

When i brushed my teeth with Trident & contaminated H2O

When attempted liberation of one bar of soap

Banned me from Publix

And i dressed in blacks & browns

To hide the hues of dirt and grime

And those times were good times

(wish the wealthy could experience them)

but only in hindsight

cuz at the moment

i only thought about the NOW times

When life isn’t so do or die

When i live comfortably in a house

Get to sleep in a room that doesnt smell like urine

My roommates are 3 humans and a cat

(sayonara to all you roaches and rats)

And i have room to be complacent




Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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