Burn & Bust



Devil N the Box iiii

20 years now pass / Boy now a Man

previous memories / of lands of light / suppressed

reduced to childhood / fantasy

Man receives / by unfortunate demise /

a Genesis / used to be his Uncs

For old times sake / Man lifted the controller




6 levels Man played / And he was given a code

To play level 7 / His thumb crushed x

Return of the Rainbow

Reflected in the pupil of his eye / As he remembered

His previous save file / on the other side / And the blood he left behind

Here he was / reduced to 16-bits

Pulsating alongside Cuzzo

In the heart of a war / with no spoils

Star Dreamin

death came for the human

but did a 1/2 assed job

no longer living but not yet a corpse

a cripple lay dormant

on the bathroom floor

Its body stiff but brain still racey

chasing glory in a dream

Its organs fading

as the lighting began to stutter

before the dream could end

It wanted to catch the fire

so It could burn brighter,

become a sol and know all the degrees of power

Devil N the Box 3

For 6 levels they fought

starting in the streets

ended in a hotel suite

with multiple continues along the way

But the duo was simply not strong enough

and during their retreat

Cuzzo was captured by the enemy elite

back over the rainbow Boy was ejected

with a ghoul tagging along

game over read the screen

as the hairs on Boy’s back began to spike

Cuzzo standing over him

with the satsui no hado

of survival

flashing in his eyes

“if you tell

i’ll slice your aunties throat”

Boy sat still

his gaze targeting the floor

the kid standing before him was foreign

his embassy whacked

this was not Cuzzo

just an impostor wearing his skin

and when Boy tried to confess to adults

the nature of his sin

they giggled and laughed

“what a nice imagination you have”

so Boy ventured back

for hours sometimes days

But then his parents began to notice

and notice begat worry

“no more tv”

was the end of that story

and at the set of the summer

as the families began to fade

Boy waved goodbye to his Unc, Aunt

and the spawn from hell

they believed to be their son



Devil N the Box 2

pretzel style he sat while the rainbow bridge of light

digitized his spark into the RGB spectrum

The Boy learned quick and with much delight

how awesome it was in the land of the light

99 channels

each world, physics all their own

like a game he played

Bright Man gave missions

Boy solved cases

And in time Boy became an agent

For his first mission

of the ascended class

Boy brought with him his cuzzin Cuzzo

For this case he would need help

And Cuzzo was the only kid he could trust

Beyond channel 99

Assisted with the help of cartridge & controller

Boy & Cuzzo crossed the rainbow bridge

into the entrance

to first gate of hell







Devil n the Box

the life of a phantom was wat he desired
to be looked at while not being seen

was every muties dream
embracing the solitary
was a voluntary pleasure
the reality of the dead
acquired by a diluted spirit
lead to a purgatory
equivalent to a heaven
that only vile hearts
could dream
this was the end
but how did it begin?
“reject small talk
the sophisticated strength
the otherside brings
silence. because

nothing is more beautiful
than lips that lye well”
were the words
the bright man said to him
as I took notice
sitting in front of the telly
clutching my teddy
reviewing my life thus far

it was the first time we’d become acquainted
myself and the devil in the box