Devil N the Box 3

For 6 levels they fought

starting in the streets

ended in a hotel suite

with multiple continues along the way

But the duo was simply not strong enough

and during their retreat

Cuzzo was captured by the enemy elite

back over the rainbow Boy was ejected

with a ghoul tagging along

game over read the screen

as the hairs on Boy’s back began to spike

Cuzzo standing over him

with the satsui no hado

of survival

flashing in his eyes

“if you tell

i’ll slice your aunties throat”

Boy sat still

his gaze targeting the floor

the kid standing before him was foreign

his embassy whacked

this was not Cuzzo

just an impostor wearing his skin

and when Boy tried to confess to adults

the nature of his sin

they giggled and laughed

“what a nice imagination you have”

so Boy ventured back

for hours sometimes days

But then his parents began to notice

and notice begat worry

“no more tv”

was the end of that story

and at the set of the summer

as the families began to fade

Boy waved goodbye to his Unc, Aunt

and the spawn from hell

they believed to be their son




Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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