“Sumthin to Lose”

i saw her for the first time

From head to toe drabbed in black

When i was a young man

They preached to me

Said that she was to be feared

So i grew up most of my life believing

She, the enemy

But that dress fit just rite

From ‘cross the room

Our eyes flirted which led to a dance

As the room spun i told her my name

But she claimed she knew me

Since my first breath

She had always been there

Watching me

From a distance

We even met before


When i was young

But i couldnt remember

So she told me of our adventures

And the scent of her words clung to my nostrils like sex

i just wanted to grab her hand so we could flee

But as i reached out she pulled away

Told me “another time, when i had sumthin to lose”

So every night since that night

I search for her

Deep sea diving inside my dome

I dance to our playlist

The soundtrack we created together

In preparation for our next date

Creating as much as i can

Living as hard as i can

So that I can acquire some things

To lose


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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