Death Becomes Him

How Can I explain this?

Put it in words…it’s like

I live my entire life walking in your shoes

Surfing the waves of your emotions

But I’m good at it now

Had my whole life to practice

But every now and then you meet a big kahuna

Wipe out

And no matter how strong you think you are

Everyone flails when you’re stranded in the ocean

Of emotions

And you’ll do anything to stay alive

Clinging to nostalgic memories like driftwood to stay afloat

And then there are those who drown

Sinking under the weight of themselves (+) others

When submerged


Drippin like molasses

Unbearable torture

So you forget about the pain

Learn to feel numb

Spiraling deeper down the drain

Until death becomes him


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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