Mistake babies

Mistake Parent Dogma- Using your kid(s) as a weapon against people without kids to enforce your morality even though your kid(s) was originally a mistake which you later got attached to, learned to love, and is now a “blessing” in your life. 

There seems to be a new trend, (or maybe its been goin on a lot longer, I’m only in my 20’s) with people having unplanned babies ( I call em mistake babies cuz lets be honest with ourselves…) and that’s cool. Do you.

The problem however is when these unplanned parents use their new mistake baby to try and push their new found morality on you forgetting the fact that it was they who are actually the fuck ups. Why? Because you have a fucking mistake baby.


Love takes time, to heal, when your mom drops u on your head

 I definitely understand the need and desire for mistake parents to change their ways and become more responsible for the sake of themselves and their mistake baby. That’s cool as fuck and I applaud you. But do the rest of us responsible people a favor and keep your smelly dogma to yourself cuz we’re tryna party our whole lives…

Just as we planned it.

Tomorrow’s Topic: Who’s the Daddy/Where’s the Mommy?



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Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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