WTF you want me to say

To another black dude dead today
Got nothin

It’s not apathy I just already know

My solution to our problem
And it’s not some easy shit to say
So I never say it

Walking in circles within my mind tryna come up with another way but always comin back to the same place

So I never say it

Cuz wtf am i supposed to say to a parent

When its kid passed away

Burned up within a blaze i ignited

i’m not afraid of dying i’m just afraid of killing you

Over some shit I cant even say but if it ever came down to it

And life just happens to flow that way

You already know

i’m honor bound to collect back taxes 



Eyes & Ears

I see a lot of truths I’m not supposed to see

I hear a lot of truths i refuse to repeat

All because the cursed demon

extremities that haunt me

Departing gifts from a cat who spoke to me in dreams

No words, just thought, sorta psychic, like Jean or a grey

She gave me these two gifts
Pupils that constrict, drawing you deep and atop my crown
triangle horns that hear all sorts of unpleasant sounds
My luck, she died before she finished teaching me

Now I have these feral demon eyes and ears
And you best stay clear
Cuz if I could pass it on I would
Till that day I stay quarantined

Living with these cursed extremities

Eyes who see too much, Ears who hear too much,
And a free hand who is compelled to tell the tale

Wrist swayin from left to right right to left

Keeping me balanced, my conscious tail



Farmer Cat’s Fable

A farmer cat once looked at me
Could tell i had sumthin to ask
Before i could–she interrupted
And taught like she commanded a class

“For all students looking
to win the hearts of masses
Control of death
could be the 1st seed
Burn the idols of the false gods
who acquired power through blood n trickery
Implode the celestials with fire”

I looked at her
Cuz, she was fuckin crazy
But she wouldn’t shut up
Or so i thought
Took me a moment to realize
It was now i doin the talk

“So that’s when the Sun’s cuzzin Ray
shined upon the earth
And felt the little red giants
like bambinos burning in her image”

And same farmer cat once told me
(She heard it from a chick)

“From the ashes can sprout green
or anything in-between
Just depends on the party
controlin the humans
sowin the seeds”

Rider Frankenstein

Today I met Frankenstein
Where the 4 corners of the world meet
More mechanic than Doctor
He Introduced me to his monster
Thick, blue, bones made of steel
A massive frame necessary to contain
2 gargantuan wheels
The good Dr and I traded notes
1 step away from owning my own
Just have to trap its soul behind lens
And a clone of the monster I will win

Angelic Raven

I saw an angel yesterday
Eight-twentytwo-fourteen was the date
Long, ebon, hair like raven wings
Thick legs that carried her stride
Was the image of the angel i saw
As she shredded past my bedroom window
My bedroom window with 2 sets of cages
No key

Did she fly as if to summon me

I wondered pacing my cage anxiously

I was a trapped bird and she was free

But only for a moment
Only a matter of time
Till our wings cross paths
Shits destiny