Dearest Mariposa,

It ‘s officially day 1 of the secret occupation. A lot has happened to lead up to this moment and for a long time my consciounce felt heavy, weighted down as if I had done something wrong. But with the help of some down as mulfuckas i call family, I now know the truth and I know I did nothing to warrant that emotion. It was just my mind (and others) playin tricks on me but that’s all int the past. Currently the house mates are united against one housemate who decided to make a deal with the landlord to evict us from the house in an illegal manner. In a way however it’s sorta been a relief because people are finally starting to see what I’ve been saying for what seems like an eternity now. Not all the people but the people I live with and that’s all who matter I guess.   So here I am sitting in my room, vibing to Nora Jones and waiting for the storm to hit me just like the old days lol. It’s not a fate I wanted, I was actually trying to walk away from all the cop fighting but like the song says “everytime I try to leave something keeps pulling me back-me-back.” Hopefully The landlord gives us the additional 30 days which is within our right but if not you know me and you know how far I’m willing to go. So if this is my last night ( or make that day) here in this house / on the earth (cuz you know how “accidents” happen) let it be known I went out with a bangbang.

I guess being a soldier is just in my blood. Some shit I can’t escape from. Till then I’m taking the advice of friends and documenting the journey. Lets see where this road takes us. Till then….

I think of you always,

Your grave will never separate my love for you,



Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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