Shake Up

Shake it up
Play that track back again
Live in a press
Slanted walls on both sides

Shake it up
Just wanna fly higher my friend
You hold me back
My friend indecision

Shake it up
Standin ideally still
Mental projections is all that i reel

Are you a demon my friend
When u aint around
Life seems much more pleasant


Ornamental Frames

This shits all the same story
Broken down
Recycled in a cycle of why me’s

Messages are all
The same
Messengers sayin
The same shit
Idiotic little children cant seem to fathom this

Too much pride in you
Want attention much in you
Cant give u PWR after night
You would try it becoming tyrant

Tryna hide in the dark
But im the shade next to you
One day
A blade mite pass
Uhuru im givin you

Targeting mind/matter
Teachin u2 read sgns
W/o realizin the time

Best you not forget
All the signs
They are the same
Trapped behind ornamental frames

Scars Can’t Claim Ignorance

Did you burn yourself
Tryna capture my sol
Did you dot yourself
In the i’s of meh lord
Were you strong enuff
To carry what you stole

Tell me was it worth it
Damnation–your sol
So envious of
What you could not contain
So blinded by lust
Had ya stuffin-yo-pockets-with-coals

All of the worst in me
And ya did it to yourself
Tryna latch on to me
Nigga, you suffocated
(maybe its you who needs tobemedicated)

And if you try again
A swift end my friend
And if you try again
A swift end my friend
This is my curse to you
Choose you
Repeat your sin again


Please don’t come up to me
Askin if I’m ok
It’s ok little baby
i choose to chill with silence

Please don’t rush up on me
Askin if I’m ok
It’s ok dear mama
i choose to dance with violence

Please dont be concerned for me
Prayin for my health
Cuz i like to sink a little
When i float

Please don’t pretend to me
Like you know any better
Knowin good damn well
We all guessin the whether

Or not we’ll be here
When the cake is ready

So I’m askin you my friend
You, the  stupid intellectual
Head pumped so full of theory
You forgot you ain’t lived

Why would you ask my condition
When you know their truth
As if I cant skip in shackles
When these niggas is carryin boulders
Not the heaviest
But I carry weight

cuz i like to sink a lil when i float

Let’s Begin This (Of Bears/Bats)

Affairs of the world
I know is bleak
But for a night
Lets swim in a fantasy
Just u and i

If there is PWR in the word
i give you all my verbs
& commit myself to silence
Jst cuz I like your shade
The chiaroscuro of your sol

And so you’ve been hurt before
So what me too
So fuck the heavy stuff
No family melodramatic fluff
Lets just play and see
Where we end up one day

Little Does She Know

For the first time he saw her with unclouded eyes
Within her iris shone the ripples of her years
Every blemish, bruise, scar on her skin
Spoke of former sins
A corpse that rose from her grave
A fighter
Independent since the day she was DNA
No fathers ever bothered to scorn
Having foresight to know
She was mentally strong
But even pillars have support
And all she needed was a little
Little did she know
She was all that she needed
Little did she know
She was a queen
Rockin a crown carved from halo
Little does she know
She has a guardian hoverin above
And when the soil gets rocky
He offers air support
Little does she know