And Suchi Absorbed it From a Sun

“When your main motivation to live is 
to learn as much as you can
Transferring the info into matter
that no other sol can duplicate
You’ve been possessed by a thing

Hopefully your overall art is social in nature
Selfish ambition sacrificing the sols of others
can damn you
If you dont have the precreditary bloodline to back it up
So play it smart

Walk the path that benefits your people most
If you live in a castle while i’m in a shack
Take a step back
It dont work like that
Walk a path (and there are many) 
That creates balanced living standards
For all breathing things

I’m not your king
I just wanna be equals
But Youmewe needs to catch up
cuz the opposing team is lethal
& they dont wanna be equals
so unfortunately they must go
It was a majority decision i heard
99 to 1, 86 to 14, or sumthing
(i forget how the story goes)
Yeah they got guns yeah they got tanks
All financed by them big ass banks

But on the real
With all the players on the squad
All we need is courage and Ma-Ti
to complete the job
And If anyone asks
you didnt hear it from me” 

Said Suchi to a coy-o-tee


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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