Sex on the Soundwaves

Do you fuck well?
Can you do it to me?
Blunt words spoken by a coyote. Givin birth to an unspoken alliance based on ability. Can the vampire bat bite the coyote? Its energy infinite like the journey of amoebas walkin across red ribbons.
The vampire bat can’t die.
To a coyote that dreams of flight. It’d be alrite to be bitten. But the talon of an eagle winged wolf won the chase. A fun tale to tell. 3 sifus, 3 students, livin in the W!ld West, on sum shaolin shit. How many hits will it take till the trigger clicks inside the mind. 3 symphonies orchestrated into 1 melody .
The style of this tale is archaic
akin arcade cabinets
close your eyes, open your ears
and let the music fuck you


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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