Please don’t come up to me
Askin if I’m ok
It’s ok little baby
i choose to chill with silence

Please don’t rush up on me
Askin if I’m ok
It’s ok dear mama
i choose to dance with violence

Please dont be concerned for me
Prayin for my health
Cuz i like to sink a little
When i float

Please don’t pretend to me
Like you know any better
Knowin good damn well
We all guessin the whether

Or not we’ll be here
When the cake is ready

So I’m askin you my friend
You, the  stupid intellectual
Head pumped so full of theory
You forgot you ain’t lived

Why would you ask my condition
When you know their truth
As if I cant skip in shackles
When these niggas is carryin boulders
Not the heaviest
But I carry weight

cuz i like to sink a lil when i float


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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