The thunders still persist
Abducting me, i descend into hell
Wading thru de nile, Hapi

Thru exp, i’ve learned new tricks,
“the mind metamorphs the body at will”
So said the education of the plant
“to be rooted, body channeling, the WAVs
to be rooted, body bending, every-which-way of the wind
to be rooted, body soaking, rays from above”
the thunders, beings who speak in wavs n rays
Transported via aqua n sky within waves containing WAVS



Some humans were raised w/o fathers
Some humans live w/o mothers
A heavy toll for children to carry
Respect to them, a weight, in time we all shall carry
But i am not your crutch


How does it feel, me inside your bloodstream?
Leaving you chemically imbalanced
Had a taste, now addicted
My scent stuck between layers, your memories
I’m everything you said you ever wanted, only to discover
You don’t know how to process me
How does it feel,¬†knowing i’m a few keys shy
Away from your CNTRL

Words Made Of Fire (175)

False theologians feeding fake Christians
Who’d never ascend to fictional heaven
Coward bitches too afraid
To look the devil in the eye
When evil is all around them
And they don’t do shit but sit and pray
Sitting prey for the star-spangled eagle https://coyotestyle.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/the-debate-of-elephant-and-donkey-and-the-star-eagle-that-governed-from-above3/
Who drinks the blood of lambs everyday
Since–like–infancy 0.0

Silly little sacrifice misguided by your fantasies
Become tool
Over 9000 books are the bibles that made we
Topic afterlife–majority say same shit
So do the math you can’t be THE shit

Money is a false testament compared to the hand of god
Your collection plate
Ain’t shit
The money you donate–to charity
Ain’t shit
Compared to the divinity of your own hand
Find a law u wanna stab first
Walk out, handle it

Learn to
Navigate under shade of
New moons
Learn to
Digest the eeriness of
New moons

Maybe if you
Turned that cheek a little harder
Into a right hook
The son you pray to
Might shine back
Within your lifetime
A society when
In comparison to the Western
Heaven on earth

Freezing… Then Wind Blows

Under shade of the new moon
The hungry gather
To hunt
This world is cold

Predators preying on the guts
Of metal coffins
Too feed
This world is cold

Protecting the coffins
Are guardsmen
Who protects the guardsmen?
Only a transparent veil
Of job security
Through which the wind still blows

Reminding them
Lest ye not forget
This world is cold
How long till the wind blows
Away that job security?

Sprinting To Be Devoured

Leisurely strolling up to the West End Marta station, riding style broomstick. I entered the gate, hearing the whistle of a train approaching. Summoning panther powers, i hoisted my pony cross my shoulder, slowly began to climb up. Was ready to give up but heard a foreign-familiar voice behind me.

“Lets get it big brother”

My got time activated. Instantly, no questions needed. And that’s exactly the spirit that’s needed I suppose.
Cause we made the train, the entire band of us. I know because we held the door for each other making sure of it.