Ethereal Rain

If I die tonite from police violence
Dont rally
Lest its underground

If I get locked away cuz i chose to live free
Don’t march
Lest you’re equipped w/ items to do shit

Don’t immortalize my name
to further your political fame
(jackin my life to make sob stories)
If i fall tonite from an officer’s gun

Don’t even speak about it
Unless you got the heart for revenge
It takes love to commit the ultimate sin
Take a life to avenge a life
But i’ll already be dead so….

Let my memory dissipate from your brain
Like a rising ether
So i can become rain
Obscuring their vision with my downfall

But if you’re still so inclined
To do sumthin special
Poison a king dining at the highest table
Nobody has to know


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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