Saga: Genesis of End

On an island surrounded by blue seas
Natives squabbled amongst themselves
Each cult with its own perspective/ideals
Foreigners invaded from a far
With overall conflicting interests
Capitalizing on the Natives’ discord
The Foreigners shackled their humanity
The last remaining Natives fleed

Shedding previous divisions
Becoming one
Secretly they still exist

Hidden behind the bush
Combined their wisdom
Into a temporal egg
Inside the shell they placed
the ghost of a youth
To be born back in time
To warn the elders of doom

The chick arrived and hatched
And warned the elders of doom
But they would not listen
Too hung up on tragedies of their pasts
To move forward

So the hot brewed youth
Settled with the outcasts,
Untouchables, anyone
Who would listen
Forming the perfect party
To give their future a fighting chance
This is the saga: Genesis of End


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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