A Fire in Her Eyes (Hellcat)

i appreciate that you pay attention
Your words don’t show it
But i see it reflected in your actions
You’re like my closet assassin
i use the term “my” loosely
Was never into ownership
18th century niggas ruined it for me
Coyote + Hellcat
Slippin past all your sentries
2 filthy animals determined to roam free
Big brother can you stop we
Most likely but you’re months too late

Hellcat burn brighter
i believe in you
There’s really not much you can’t do
But if you do, do it for wadjet people
Plants, animals, all things living
Yeah i know, its a crazy thing to say
But we need more like you
Hybrids who understand
How to see in the dark


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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