Felines Speak to Kings

T’was sitting on my couch
Quickly drifted into a daze
Out of the depthly darkness
Twin cats made their way
They were brothers of balance
Born of earth and moon
They approached, sat down,
And began to meow a tune. 
It’s good very good
To truly know thineself
Sometimes you should listen
To visiting voices not of the self
They can see in a perspective you can’t

Then the moon cat stepped forward
Bathed in a ghastly white
He semi-circled counter clockwise
Around me
He asked

How many times
Will you deny your crown
When our universe presents it to you?

The earth cat
Covered rich in melanin 
Semi-circled clockwise
Around me
He commanded

Do not be
Another Simba
‘Fraid to be king

Then I heard a meow
That woke me from my dream
2 cats, Liquid and Solid
Stood at the edge of my bed
Eyeing me
As if they knew


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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