The Day the Sky Fell (Traveler)

What time is it?
Tommorrow or yesterday?
& what happened to Saturday?
Traveling back and forth thru time
Feels like the beginning
Or the end, My senses no longer know
Or did i summn you again?
The barrier btwn this place and the next
Have i finally returned home or is this another test?


No Country For Tomcats

“I’m more than just a person that feeds you ya know”
Logic of my words lost
Inside the aquatic eyes of solid, a cat
My adopted grandson
Become spoiled and fat
But still i love him so
He is special to me
W/ a personality only i
Seem to comprehend
Becuz im not trying to cntrl him
i understand the nature of his mistrust
A healthy emotion–i encourage it
Cuz this ain’t no country for tomcats
Man made it so
a few commanded it
the majority allowed it to be 

Hunting You Down

Dear big brother
Its been 1 year since your exile
From the family
We took many insults from you
Looked the other way
When you stole
From us
Spared the ignorant life
Of your words from the death
Our tongue produces
Pretending to believe your lies and
Playing along with all the games
Your novice deceptions made
But Big Brother you are growing old
And weak
Because you prey on the stupidity
Of entry level women
Who lust for rebellion
riding any train that takes them there
Becuz they cant cntrl their impulses
big Brother you saw always the best in me
Now experience the worst