Student Power Now

Dear Teacher,

I don’t want to tell you of my problems because no excuses for it exist in the curriculum. My problems to me sound repetitive because they have existed for years. It is the place I call home. There is little food, poison water, and thugs and thieves at every turn financed by the the state whose job is to enslave me. All these things cause in me mental duress. I know I’m expected to shake it off, to do what is necessary but it both infuriates and depresses me to know that because of the condition of my skin, my woes will not be taken with compassion. Because of the status of my class, my lack of wealth, I will not be given fair or proper treatment. I understand many of us deal with these difficulties everyday yet still are able to “pull it together” so I confess I am of a weaker caste. I can no longer suffer these conditions while simultaneously exert mental excellence.

All these things plus the daily culture of hustle and horde serve to only fuel my anxiety. Because you can’t feed and house yourself on the minimum wage of jobs that do/do not exist. But this is only the intro. Specifically for this class my problem is singular, the curriculum. I’ve learned a lot since the start of class. In a few short months my vocabulary has increased and I am a much better communicator. The fact that I can now have a conversation (albiet limited) but a conversation nonetheless with a deaf person whereas I couldn’t before taking the class is proof that I’ve learned enough to warrant a passing grade.

The problem however is that we are graded improperly. Instead of judging us on the amount of information we have learned on an individual level, stressing the amount of new information learned at the end of the course compared to what little we knew coming in, we are stuck in our current curriculum that is focused more on preparing to take tests, rather than actual retainment of the information.

In short, I think its less important that I’m failing the tests, more important that I’m learning and retaining information. The problem is this isn’t reflected by the conclusion of the test pass or fail. The outcome of the test does not also take into account the process of production, all the hours the student has labored (homework, readings, practice, study sessions) in attempts at learning the subject material.

This culture of fear, greed, lust in which we are conditioned is the reason for my primary mental condition. Pain. And it seems that while we both suffer from this same pain, I am only a student, you only a teacher, with the same common enemy the curriculum which is created and enforced by the administration. Because I’m sure that you as an educator have your own style in which how you would approach the curriculum in the way in which learning is graded. And as students we should also have some say in how the money we are spending is being used to educate us. It seems the solution to this problem is more control for the students, more control for the teachers, less control for the administration.

To parallel the words of Jerry Covell, In terms of a student lead curriculum/administration, “do we have to wait years before we can feel equal? Respected? Have full accessibility? That is unacceptable as we will continue to pass along inequality and miseducation to our students of tomorrow.”

Lets stat a riot,


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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