Calling Faye 2

To Faye the first woman i ever loved. Before severance our bond was psychic.

.I know some grudges I should put to rest but for christianity i have eternal vitriol
That good bitch Jesus raped my mom while the preacher man held her
Down by the riverside serenaded by the choir
I tried to warn her but my vices is all she saw
The wisdom of my words unheard
The plight of a young god trapped inside the body of a child
Could only stand by and watch as Jesus raped my mom
Of her sanity, my father his integrity, the kid sis and i tryna get the fuck out
And i got out of mental slavery, all started the day i ran away
Came back one day to free them but in their eyes i was still a child
Communicating with them became futile
So i wondered the world again, waiting to even the score
That good bitch Jesus enslaved my people, a vitriol that won’t fade
Till we ignite the pew
Burning the memory of that good bitch Jesus and
The miseducation sunday school spews
To poor, black, families
Desperate for salvation


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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