Camjutsu no Ryu: Way of the Fly

Camjutsu no Ryu was invented by guerrilla filmmaker Cai Otee in AD 2014. The style involves a fusion of “Fly on the Wall” style filming, Soviet Montage editing, and a by any means necessary approach to use of outdated technology over new technology. All these elements combined create Camjutsu no Ryu: Way of the Fly.


Dissecting the Camera
In Camjutsu no Ryu we like to think of the camera as a jet the photographer a pilot.All jets have unique feature but are created for the sole purpose of exploiting the iris to capture a subjects sol and the time space/continuum of the atmosphere around them. In effect creating a stand alone pocket universe.

Dissecting the Pilot
The pilot is a complex creature who must simultaneously shoot and fly. Pilots can be broken up into subcategories based on the type of shooting they perform. Snipers (photographers) are mostly point and click. They target their subject and wait for the perfect moment before shooting. Guerrillas (filmmakers) shoot in controlled bursts of rapid fire. Whether Sniper, Guerrilla, or any other subcategory a shooters main objective is to unload the clip.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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