On Kids

If you already have kids then cool, this information isn’t for you. Got you in the next article though.

If however you are a child virgin and are thinking about getting one STOP: It’s a Setup. Children are a mulfuckin trap if I’ve ever seen one. Trust me on this dawg, TRUST ME. I used to be a kid so I know…Kids and the idea behind the nuclear familiy unit are just distractions to keep your ass contained to “that box” because when you have these things it places a chain on you and that chain is wrapped guts deep around your freedom.

If you do have kids i have no advice other than maybe ya’ll should form support based settlements with other parents cuz that shit is hard to do own your own, as you already know. Maybe ya’ll can setup some type of system where the older kids babysit the younger kids while the adults are out makin that paper but that would have to imply that as a parent, you were doing your job. Your job is simply to teach them on how to best survive in whatever climate/culture ya’ll are fuckin with.

Traditionally, one parent would win the bread while the other would stay and teach. In today’s modern American society it is  hard for single parents to raise a family on minimum wage so usually both parent are out there on the hustle and don’t have time to teach as they should. When this is the case you should rely on a heady hand of discipline but also get super fucking creative with your teaching style. Like maybe making pre-recorded videos, art, books, a mixtape, caard game, SOMETHIN, anything that stresses the values and shit you are trying to instill.

I understand all too well the desire to want to have a kid. Genetically we are all programmed in a special way geared towards reproduction. Men wanna punt, women wanna carry and vice versa. But if you don’t have those resources to actually give the kid a good fucking headstart, maybe you should keep it wrapped and curve those parental emotions into an animal slave. People usually like cats and dogs, that type of shit. A fight against your genetic coding will be the hardest fight you’ll have have to face because you gotta duel that bitch daily but with practice and discipline you can break the code.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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