Its hard to be sexy
In soiled underwear
Skent marks
And sweat stains
Of days well lived

Some will say
“eww thats gross”
Some will say
“boy, wash yo ass”
I will say
“maybe tommorw”
“….maybe tommorow”


Made in America

American white dudes
cool on a solo level
But when en mass
Can be quite annoying
And deadly

Playing homoerotic tricks
With each others dicks
Intoxicated hootin and hollerin
At nothing

Reminds me of tales of good ol boys
Sippin whisky in the south
But even tho my observations
Are backed by history

Once I submit this
They’ll get mad and try to dismiss me
Too afraid to face reality
They’d rather live in a fantasy
Called progress

They’d rather lynch a messenger
Than target the real problem
They’d rather call me racisit
But won’t admit the process that caused it
And you know they wont hit the streets
Like WE did
I feel its cuz they have something at stake

Its cool don’t hate yourself nigga
You don’t know any better
Its how you were raised


On the top floor of a dirty shelter
MenĀ of many talents
Lay littered on the floor
My only regret
We didn’t do more

On the rooftop of a dirty shelter
Students of many disciplines
Used to spit the realest flows
My only regret
I didn’t swim


You were already someones mother
2 to be exact
And while I always avoided motherly advice
You were there when it counted
When I needed you the most
Sorry to say i didnt return the favor
You were dealing with a type of pain
Beyond my CNTRL
That made you stay up late nights
Speaking in tongues
And its too late to tell you personally
But now I understand


What the fuck can i say
We made a damn good team
New story same badass
In every incarnation
Sometimes a man
Better times a woman
Regardless of gender or class
Chemistry remained consistent
We traveled we joked
You’re the reason why the past is so dope
Why the memories stick to me
Cuz the present is static and the futures goin nowhere
Too busy preoccupied reminiscing bout Us


You and I
We’ve grown closer overtime
We continue to grow
Our love began a burning ember
That continued to burn till
And even when they tried to convince you otherwise
Your belief in me never waned
Keep on trottin my dog soldier
And lead like u always have before
Not by preachin
Just by living life