Based On A True Story

There’s always that one guy
Mr. White
Who dreams of being accepted by
Ms. Black
Mr. White loves the music
Mr. White loves the cuisine
Mr. White loves everything about Ms. Black it seems
Except her people

Cuz no matter how hard
Mr. White claims to be bout it
No action
Past or present
Could be attributed to his words

Mr. White hated hearing this
But Ms. Black was determined to spit truth
It was so plain to see
To her at least
Mr. White was guilty of ½ steppin
And it’d take more than rap music
Or sympathies
To convince her of anything else

So she offered him a simple solution
Follow me
As she moved into the streets
Mr. White stood there
Left with only the truth and a choice


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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